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European Commission
Ministry for economy and technology (BMWi)
Ministry for education and research (BMBF)
Niedersachsen state
Berlin state
Heinrich Böll foundation

(non-exhaustive list)

Projects for public authorities

Technology and trend studies

Prepared study “status and prospects of electric energy storage technologies and consequent actions required of the capital goods industry” in tandem with Fraunhofer ISE and AST
Contracting party: ministry for economy and technology (BMWi)

Management and direction of the EcoInnovation task force’s examination of obstacles to the development of environmental innovation markets
Contracting party: European Commission

Marketability and feasibility studies

Prepared study “SEiSS – cost-benefit analysis of the implementation of intelligent driver-assistance systems”
Contracting party: European Union

Carried out analysis of “industry establishment and employment creation potential of telematics”
Contracting party: Niedersachsen state

Carried-out analysis and report on development and exploitation potential of Tempelhof airport for electro mobility
Contracting party: Berlin state

Assessments and expert opinions

Assessment of the Federal states support measures for electro-mobility (Konjonkturpaket 2)
Contracting party: Ministry for technology, ministry for education (BMWi, BMBF)

Assessment of Growth Programme (EU incentive programme) and development of recommendations for projects in the energy, engineering, information and communication technology fields.
Contracting party: Deloitte for the European Commission

Advisory services for application to public funding schemes

Advising of Niedersachsen state on the application to “Schaufenster Elektromobilität” (showcase electro-mobility)
Contracting parties: Metropolitan region Hannover Braunschweig, Göttingen Wolfsburg GmbH

Support of Niedersachsen state’s application to the 5th European congress for “intelligent transport systems and services”
Contracting party: Niedersachsen state

Event planning and organisation

Organization and sustainability management of the opening conference of the “Nationale Plattform Zukunftsstadt” (National platform future city) in the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.
Contracting party: German Federal Government, represented by the Frauenhofer Gesellschaft

Preparation of the national innovation alliance “Lithium Ion Battery LIB 2015”
Contracting party: Ministry for education and research (BMBF)

Organisation of the “Greening the City” event
Contracting party: Heinrich Böll foundation

Development and organisation of the CLEAN MOBILITY INSIGHTS confrerence
Contracting party: NOW GmbH, on behalf of the ministry for traffic, construction, and city development

Organisation of the “new energy for Berlin” conference
Contracting party: Bündnis 90 / die Grünen (Green Party)

Projects in a public sector employee capacity

During their respective 10 year activities with the project coordinators VDI/VDE Innovation and with Technik GmbH, Mr. Krüger and Mr. Voigt worked, inter alia, in the following fields

  • Co-ordination of the national lithium-ion initiative, for the ministry for research
  • Definition, selection and monitoring of the energy, renewable energy and automotive sector incentive focal points, on behalf of the ministry for research (BMBF). Selection and monitoring of incentive projects in the solar thermal energy sectors, on contract for the ministry for environment (BMU).
  • Support in over 500 incentive project for coordinators and ministries.
  • Contributed to the creation of the national innovation programme “hydrogen and fuel-cell technology”.
  • Accountable for incentive focal points, such as micro fuel-cells, energy autonomous micro-systems and driver assistance systems.
  • Project selection, e.g. in the Innonet programmes (ministry for technology), in micro-system technology (ministry for education), or in solar thermal energy (ministry for the environment).
  • Assessment and technological appraisal of businesses, e.g. for the High Tech entrepreneur endowment.
  • Assessment and selection of business plans, e.g. for the ministry for research and the investment bank Berlin (IBB) multi-media competition.
  • Assessment for banks and investors.
  • Establishment of studies and reports, e.g. “convergence of electronic mediums” for the ministry for technology (accountable for the automotive component)
  • Selection, promotion and support of over 100 technology-orientated companies within the ministry for economy’s entrepreneurial incentives programme “FUTOUR”.
  • Co-operation with the national project co-ordinator’s network.
  • Co-operation with the national contact office for Microsystems technology and with the development of the EPoSS technology platform.
  • Organization of the AMAA (Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications) international conference